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ORP Chairman Attacks Governor Kasich’s Staff

Posted on 19 December 2011 by Jason Hart

For America to have any hope of averting fiscal collapse, the GOP presidential nominee will need to win Ohio in less than 11 months. Each day of Ohio Republican Party (ORP) infighting improves the odds for President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown, redistributionist extraordinaire.

I’ve already given my two cents on the conflict between ORP chair Kevin DeWine and Governor Kasich, so I won’t belabor this point: DeWine should step down. I do not assume Kasich’s team is blameless, but the criticisms Ohio House Speaker Batchelder shared earlier this month cannot be discounted. Whoever threw the first stone, a public disagreement of this scope between a governor and a party chairman doesn’t leave many options.

My position was affirmed by an Ohio News Network (ONN) interview airing yesterday and covered in Friday’s Columbus Dispatch. The Dispatch story ran under the headline “Kasich’s staff used in effort to oust DeWine,” which says everything you need to know about how destructive a prolonged fight would be:

In an exclusive interview, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine revealed that members of Gov. John Kasich’s staff were used in an ongoing effort to oust DeWine as head of the party.

So now Ohio’s Republican chairman is conducting opposition research against the sitting Republican governor and using it to criticize the governor’s staff on television. This makes a great headline and terrific fodder for leftists dying to smear Governor Kasich, even though the political activity in question was conducted on the staffers’ time off.

From the ONN segment:

Jim Heath, ONN: Even if Kasich’s team receives a majority of the seats in the central committee next March, DeWine says he will not step down.

DeWine: I’m going to be the chairman of the party through January 2013.

With three years remaining in his first term, Governor Kasich has already balanced a miserable state budget without raising taxes and shown a keen ability to make Ohio more employer-friendly. Another year with Chairman DeWine is a less exciting prospect for anyone interested in showing Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama the door.

Cross-posted from that hero, RedState and Big Government.

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Mean King Kasich and the Local Leaders, Part 1

Posted on 06 June 2011 by Jason Hart

Governor Kasich, whose reign includes such war crimes as cutting 4% of the Columbus City Schools budget, is making all sorts of enemies. This week protestors in Mahoning County – bluer than blue on the electoral map, redder than red financially – complained that the GOP budget “passes the buck,” forcing local governments to operate with fewer state dollars.

“We know the games are being played,” said Youngstown City Councilman Mike Ray. “It’s just a shell game, and like I said, it’s just pass the buck, and we need to work together.”

“We need to work together,” or in other words, “Ohioans need to pay more taxes to fund Youngstown government.” Democrats are all for passing bucks as long as they’re going from The Rich to Democrat constituencies. Does Councilman Ray think increased taxes will bring residents (down 8.1% since 2000) and jobs (down 15.6%) back to Mahoning County?

It isn’t news that class warfare plays well in Youngstown – and as the saying goes, “all politics is local.” Tip for Progressive readers: Don’t try explaining that saying to the farmer in Miami County or the barber in Hancock County whose state taxes wind their way from Columbus into the pockets of Youngstown politicians!

Throughout the state, professional leftists insist governor’s office salaries preclude any conservative criticism of local pay. As usual, there’s an obvious difference the left refuses to acknowledge: if I think John Kasich pays his staff too much, I can vote for somebody else. I’ve got no say over who Youngstown voters elect, but Democrats take it as given that I should be on the hook for Youngstown’s budget decisions.

Follow me on Twitter: @jasonahart

Cross-posted from that hero.

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